Vitality VoxBox
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
First Degree® Advanced Burn Cream Badge

I had burnt my arm with my flat iron.. (silly me) I used the product and felt instant relief! 

Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™

I am very famillar

Elizabeth Arden

I haven’t really tested this product yet but stay tunned for an update!!

Bikini Ready

I tried this product one day just because i was going to work out and needed energy at first i tried the dosage on the bottle and that made me feel horrible! But then the next day i gave it a try and only took two gummies this time and boy did it help! It made me feel awake and gave me a huge boost of energy!

Pure Leaf

I loveeeeeeeeeee tea! Specially Iced tea and boy was this good even though it was unsweet it still tasted great and it was so refreshing!


Do i even have to say how amazing this product is?! lol its just awesome the scent the taste the way its smooth! its just great! thats all!


don’t forget these


I was fortunate enough to receive an amazing sample of Bikini Ready gummies from #influenster to test out! Which I must admit at first have a funny after taste but after you get used to it. They give me a boost of energy and eliminates my sweet tooth! My secret weapon to a #BikiniReadyLifestyle is maintaining healthy eating habbits and also exercising.